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gak9 Trailing workshops

I conduct GAK9 Mantrailing workshops all over australia and internationally.

These workshops are tailored to those attending; from pets who have never tracked before to operational police dogs, i will ensure you get the most out of my workshop.  I keep numbers small to maximise leash time throughout. 

there is almost no classroom time; time is spent in the field working dogs. the days are long and can be arduous. terrain is often difficult, so being physically robust is a must. 

i teach the gak9 system of mantrailing. it is not focussed on the dog looking a certain way but instead is founded on the dog learning through self discovery how to best utilise its senses to track. 

the gak9 certification system is conducted via double blind testing. if you attend a workshop and wish to attempt a certification, there will be no doubt about your dog's abilities if it passes.

there's no need for the dog to be ankc registered or of a certain breed - i welcome anyone and any dog who is motivated to learn!

to view my workshop schedule for 2024 

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