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Sold Dogs



frozen semen available 


I sold Dirk to the Australian Army in mid 2020 after raising and training him from a puppy.


He is a current serving Military Police Dog posted to Darwin. 

Dirk was bred by Manaia Working Dogs in Melbourne Victoria. 

His Sire is Nestor BRN 8893

His Dam is Exi BRN 34443



I sold frank to the Australian Army in mid 2021 after training him for five months after the breeder took him back from his original owner. 


He was deemed unsuitable, however, was then sold to a state police force who recognised his excellent attributes.

Frank was bred by Russ ward based in Sydney.

His Sire is jax (CHyna x 'Lock')

His Dam is mccredic daisy (nordenstamm zoe x vonlindenhof adrenalin rush)



I sold Errol to a wildlife conservation organisation in Victoria in early 2021. 


He is currently integrating into his new role as a single purpose tracking dog. 

Errol was bred by Steve William's  of trooperdogs, based in Newcastle.

His Sire is mac brn 29111

His Dam is arya brn 37309



Hans was donated to kilo9 academy in south africa.


He is due to arrive in south africa in november to commence as an anti-poaching k9. 

hans was bred by danny of schwarzhund malinois in melbourne.

His Sire is edlobos echo

His Dam is maika deux des sabre

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